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Reiki Melody – Philadelphia

Reiki Sessions and Courses – Philadelphia & Area
Energy Healing Sessions and Courses – Philadelphia & Area

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Harmonize your body, mind, and spirit… experience Reiki & Energy Healing.

Do you want to feel energetic and balanced? Life is full of possibilities, and you deserve to be free of pain, well rested, and joy-filled. Maybe it has been a long time since you gave yourself an opportunity to rest from the demands and hectic pace of everyday life. Feeling energized and connected is an amazing holistic experience that everyone should enjoy and the practitioners at Reiki Melody work to make that happen. Each day we give our clients powerful results. Come to us, or we can come to you. Experience Reiki & Bio Energy Healing, and give yourself the benefits of clarity, and rejuvenation. 

What is Energy Healing?

We can see evidence of energy everywhere. Pause for just a moment to consider the vastness of how energy is all around you. Think about it. Do you remember:

  • Playing with magnets as a kid?
  • Watching a lightning storm in the sky?
  • Hearing the wind, although you cannot see it?
  • Feeling the heat and light of the sun on a summer day?
  • Experiencing a brilliant musical event and feeling the vibrations of finely tuned instruments?

Philadelphia Reiki Sessions & Courses
Reiki Sessions & Training Courses
Reiki Master (1998) & Bio Energy Healing Trainer
Philadelphia & Area
Susannah Spanton 215-630-8534

philadelphia-energy-healing-reiki-sessionsThis invisible energy is within us and around us. Energy healing is a safe and natural way to work within these fields so the body can access its powerful ability to heal. When an energy healing practitioner scans the body, they look for either blockages (areas where there is a lack of energy flow) or excesses ( areas where there is too much energy flow)  Through a series of specific hand movements and breathing techniques, energy healing practitioners can support the body in correcting these imbalances and returning to homeostasis. Energy healing is a safe and effective modality that complements other approaches in the multidimensional field of healing.
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Why Choose Us?

There are several excellent Reiki & Energy Healing sessions and courses in the Philadelphia area to choose from, why choose one of ours?

Reiki Melody will provide you with a respectful and powerful opportunity to experience energy healing, and we offer a variety of styles to choose from. The Reiki Melody team is passionate, and has many years of experience. Read what our clients have shared about their experiences on our testimonials page.

Philadelphia Energy Healing Sessions & Courses
Bio-Energy Healing Sessions & Training Courses
Reiki Master (1998) & Bio Energy Healing Trainer
Philadelphia & Area
Susannah Spanton 215-630-8534

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Reiki Melody – Philadelphia: Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a gentle and nurturing form of receiving energy healing where the client is typically seated or lying down. The client remains fully clothed and the Reiki practitioner places their hands lightly on the body allowing energy to cascade to the client. Sessions are typically one hour in length, and clients experience a deeply relaxed state, allowing the body to feel calm and peaceful.


Reiki Melody – Philadelphia: Energy Healing Sessions

Bio-Energy healing sessions focus on detoxifying and balancing specific areas of concern. The client remains fully clothed and removes their shoes and any metal objects. The client stands during some of the session and additionally sits in a specially designed chair during the session depending on the techniques used.

We are learning so much about the human body through the powerful discoveries of energy healing. Around the world, more and more people are experiencing the natural, safe and effective benefits of the art and science of energy healing.
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Usui/ Holy Fire Reiki & Bio Energy Healing Training Courses Philadelphia & Area

Do you consider yourself someone who loves to learn new things?

      Are you interested in energy healing?     
Would you like to have the ability to use natural techniques on yourself, your family and friends?
And your pets!

Click Here to Activate and Experience a full Chakra Healing! 

   Join us for a Usui/Holy Fire Reiki class  or a Bio-Energy healing training course

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Philadelphia Reiki Sessions & Courses
Sessions & Training Courses
Reiki Master (1998) & Bio Energy Healing Trainer
Philadelphia & Area
Susannah Spanton 215-630-8534

Philadelphia - Reiki Classes & Training, as well as Energy Healing Sessions & Training by Susannah Spanton, 15+ years exp.
Brookhaven, Pennsylvania
Phone: 215-630-8534

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