Back Surgery led me to Reiki

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My Reiki training began in 1998, inspired by a distant Reiki session offered to me from a nurse to assist in the healing of my serious back surgery. I accepted the invitation only to be considerate. As I lay in the kind of pain that seems like it will never leave, I thought she was crazy to think she could “send” me energy to help heal my back.

Christie, my nurse friend, said at 3:00 p.m. she would use a proxy, a Teddy Bear, as my stand-in and send me Reiki for approximately thirty minutes. Now I privately thought for sure that  Christie must be on some kind of medication that caused delusional side effects! I could not imagine any possibility of this so-called energy thing happening to anyone, especially me. (A noteworthy fact to consider in this story is that due to the surgery, I was bedridden and would be for a few weeks.)

My days were spent reading books and welcoming visiting friends who helped take care of me. It was quite the learning experience to be forced to receive care in this way and not be in a giving role as I was accustomed to as a mother and teacher. It quickly became an important lesson of humility. Since Christie requested 3:00 p.m. in the afternoon as the time she would be sending Reiki, I knew I could really pay attention to what this Reiki thing would feel like. With an ever-so-slight tickle of curiosity, I decided to put down my books I was reading and prepare myself for my “Reiki healing” that I knew nothing about and had never heard of.

An astonishing thing happened to me. Instantly I effortlessly fell into a deep sleep and at exactly 3:30 I awoke feeling fresh and peaceful. While this may not have seemed a big deal to some people, to me it was amazing, because falling asleep was the last thing I ever expected. Throughout my adult life I refrained from nap taking during the day, because I was not the kind of person who would just nap for twenty minutes to an hour. If I fell asleep, which was most difficult to do during the day, I would sleep for several hours, which would turn my day upside down and leave me up very late into the night.

As the next several months passed and I became stronger I sat up at 2:00 a.m. with a message from somewhere that I should partake in a Reiki Level I class. “What?” I thought. I hardly ever woke up in midnight dreamland with a message. What is going on here? I called my dear friend Denise who was much more open to energy than I and she said, “I have been waiting for this phone call—let’s go take the class together!”

My appetite for Reiki began and quickly I was gracefully humbled and in awe of the power and tenderness of this healing phenomenon. After 13 years of practicing Reiki as a practitioner and Master teacher, so many lessons continue to create countless awakenings for me.