Life Coaching is a Calling

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It seems life called me to be a life coach from a very early age. In grade school, I would volunteer to read to young children, and during my high school years, I taught spirituality for children with special needs. I earned my degree in education, and I have now devoted my career, as well as my life, to being a teacher, a coach and always a student as well.

People hire a coach in order to reach a goal, solve a problem, or create new opportunities for growth and change. I have been coached myself in many areas of life and it has helped me immensely.

Coaching is increasingly successful because people receive the guidance and inspiration they need to make the changes they want.

In each coaching session, the client chooses the focus of the conversation while the coach listens and contributes thought–provoking questions and insights. Life Coaching accelerates the client’s progress by providing greater focus and awareness of choice in their lives personally and/or professionally.

My belief is that each of us deserves healthy relationships. I have always been awed by the power that education and gentle support can hold in helping to create a life that thrives in both celebration and challenges. My mission is to be a woman who lovingly provides gentle support, powerful education, and fun that is respectful and honors people for who they are.

Inspiration and the joy of living are the gifts and legacy that I pass on that were given to me.