Her Irish eyes were smiling…

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In dedication to a beautiful woman who wore a smile like a sunrise that would shine upon you tender, safe and warm.

Ellen Neville

When I walked into the apartment to meet Ellen for the first time   I knew she would touch my heart and leave an imprint on my soul. I was right. Her Irish eyes smiled directly at me and her New York state of mind was familiar, as I too was from the Big Apple area.

As a Reiki Therapist it is my job to create connection and relationship so that I can give Reiki sessions to clients as they struggle with the many layers of emotional and physical challenges.

In a mere instant Ellen and I co-created the passionate opportunity, which would last for over a year. We would joke often about how difficult it was for me to leave since we always felt as though we were just getting started yet somehow the session was over. This is the phenomenon of being truly present.

Ellen loved beauty, the beauty of people, flowers, and children. animals and art. It was shear delight for me to gift Ellen with an original oil painting from an artist who has graciously donated dozens of paintings for an initiative entitled “Building Bridges” The artist PJ, paints feverishly and understands the how beauty can warm the soul especially in times of struggle. PJ felt that his artwork could comfort hospice clients and Ellen was one of the first to receive a painting from him. The bridge built from one tender artist to touch the heart of one hospice client at a time is a testimony to the connection people can share even if they have never meet.

It was an afternoon just before life for Ellen was being fulfilled and I had the great fortune to be in her magnificent presence. I told her that I would write an article about her and with her permission include a picture. She told me that would be great and I know you will. So here I sit telling my story of Ellen. On that Friday the last that I would be with her in conscious state there were many friends and family. Ellen was a great lover of music and fun and so her friend and I began to play with a poem we called Little Baby Ellie Kate a nickname that was given to her by her family long ago. In a singsong rhythm Ellen and company and I began spontaneously:

Little Baby Ellie Kate

Born in 1948

Brave heart Warm Touch

Just her smile means so much

She always walks to her own beat

Standing strong upon her feet

Always with a story to share

Letting you learn and feeling her care!

We laughed at our silliness and our talent it was a great intimate moment that I will forever cherish.

Being in the presence of Ellen was for me a present. I was her Reiki Master as she refereed to me and in so many ways she was my teacher. You see Ellen loved deeply and she spread her love all over me. One time I was being very melancholy and gazing at Ellen with soft tears in my eyes I said Ellen if you had some words of wisdom for me before you go what would you say? She looked at me, thought for a moment and then said very intentionally “ Surround yourself with lots of gay men to love you, there is nothing better than that in this life because they are sooooo Wonderful!”

to be continued….