Healing Horses with a Unique Blend of Energy Styles

spanton-paige-eatingHorses love to be free, to run with the wind, and to graze leisurely with their family and friends. They enjoy playing and use their bodies to communicate. They can look at you in a way that captivates and touches your soul.

As an energy worker it is my great honor to provide healing for horses, for they are most magnificent animals. Strengthening and balancing a horse’s body and emotional state using energetic techniques can create profound results.

Horses sometimes experience both physical and emotional wounding. Accidents, pain, injury, illness, inflammation, grief, fear, and even change of circumstances can all lead horses to need compassionate energy healing.

There are many benefits of energy healing that have been discovered by many practitioners around the world. Horses can benefit in these specific ways:

  • Healing can assist other treatments to work more effectively
  • A powerful sense of peacefulness and calm can be attained
  • There are no side affects because this healing style is natural
  • Pain can be reduced and recovery can be expedited

If you have questions about healing for your horse, please contact me.

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Your Horse’s Bio-Energy