Reiki Session Testimonials

Yen T.

The first Reiki session I had literally transformed my life.  I was going through some personal challenges and was unable to sleep for months.  I would have to use sleep aids to fall asleep, but was unable to stay asleep for more than a few hours. After the first Reiki session with Susannah I was able to sleep through the night for the first time in months.  It was such a powerful and life changing experience.  Now I am proud to say, I have become one of her student.  To follow her foot steps in providing energy healing to people.

Deanna M.

I started coming to sessions with Susannah during my final (and most stressful) semester of college. I often experienced headaches from the stress of going to school full time and working full time as well. Whenever I went for a Reiki session, my whole attitude improved and I no longer let stress consume my body. I do not believe I would have made it through that last semester if it weren’t for Susannah.

Paul D.

For many years, I have had severe lower back pain. My job is very stressful and I am on my feet for hours. I started  Reiki sessions from Susannah, and I was shocked that something so gentle could be so powerful. I will be forever grateful.

Amanda T.
The everyday grind of working in sales, or any industry for that matter, can be very stressful. Under the weight of that stress, we can lose sight of our goals and true motivations. An hour with Susannah will leave you with renewed energy, peace of mind and clarity to face your day head on. The sense of calm I received from my session was very powerful.

Reiki Training Course Testimonials

Eileen M.

I have taken both Reiki I and II with Susannah Spanton.  My experience was very enlightening and amazing. As part of my ongoing spiritual journey I learned about Reiki and how the mind and body can work together to heal.  The gentle hand movements really helped me. I have chronic headaches and pain from fibromyalgia and have used Reiki on myself. The headaches go away quickly and the pain is minimized.  There is such a calming, peaceful effect when you experience Reiki. I have also given Reiki to my children when they aren’t feeling well and my dog who suffers from a leg problem with fabulous results. It always amazes me.  I am forever grateful to Susannah for giving me this gift.

Lora M.

I have been Reiki-ing my son and my cat, and now the cat won’t leave me alone and my son is a super-big cuddle bug these past two days. On Saturday night when I put my hands on him (without telling him what I was doing) he sighed and said my hands make his insides feel like clouds, and when I touched his face and head he touched mine and said “why are you so warm and tingly? It feels so good” Thank you. It truly is a gift.

Joy B.

Thank you so much for the lovely Reiki class. Your studio is beautiful, and you created a very safe setting for all of
 us! Thank you! I felt very comfortable with everyone there, & loved everything; It ‘s amazing how self-care becomes almost like a fleeting thought in the midst of it all.

Bio-Energy Healing Session Testimonials

Jodi H.

Susannah is a gifted healer, a wonderful teacher and a powerful guide. I had the opportunity to receive Bio Energy Healing with Susannah.  I experienced transformative healing from our sessions.  After each session I felt more connected to my body and spirit. I feel so blessed to have found Susannah!  I highly recommend her.

Andy W.

Before I came to see Susannah I had a lot of pain and stiffness in my lower back. It was not easy for me to center myself or focus. Now after my course of treatments I can do yoga and even run without my back hurting! It is much easier to focus and I do not get tired as easily. Thank you so much.

Greg N.

I am someone who allows my thoughts to control how I am feeling about myself, and my life overall. Recently, I have been diagnosed with muscle tension headaches. I believe these are caused by stress and how I am handling situations. After four sessions of Bio-Energy treatment, the frequency and intensity have decreased significantly. I always feel more relaxed and calmer after every session with Susannah.

Irene L.

My Bio-Energy treatment gave me a sense of feeling lighter, more settled, and a greater access to go “inside.” I feel more open and less encumbered. Thank you so much!

Robert P.

I came to Susannah because I was feeling stressed and overwhelmed. My experience with the Bio-Energy treatments was amazing. I feel calmer, like I can conqueror any obstacle put in my way. I have a sense of being determined and motivated for positive change.

Alicia O.

Another phenomenal experience with Bio-Energy healing. I went for a series of sessions to give myself some energetic support through this transitional period. There were dramatic and measurable improvements in my overall well being after completing the treatments – everything from sleeping better, to reduced stress and anxiety. I just feel better and have been able to shift my perspective so that I’m able to approach each situation from a more grounded place. AND, I had a wild experience during one of the sessions! I must have had a lot of stuff to release.

Steve C.

I’ve had serious problems with Achilles tendinitis.  As an athlete and father of three sons I was willing to try anything for relief from the excruciating pain I had been experiencing for years.  After many attempts of unsuccessful interventions, I became aware of something called Bio-Energy. I began receiving treatments and after one session I saw a significant decrease in the swelling and pain in my Achilles.  I completed several follow up visits and although at first I was truly skeptical, I could not deny the powerful results I experienced. I would recommend the treatment of Bio-Energy to anyone who has serious inflammation problems or other injuries if they want to decrease the pain they live with everyday. It is now nearly eight weeks since my first session and I continue to be pain free!”

Will G.

I recently had the opportunity of working with Susannah and experiencing first hand her expertise in Bio Energy.  Shortly after my session began it was very apparent that she possesses a rare combination of innate understanding and talent in the area of Bio-Energy. I felt calm and perfectly at peace as she gently guided me and my body through the healing energetic process. Susannah was quickly able to identify any energetic blockages in my body and gently use her expertise to begin removing these blockages. I ended the session feeling perfectly balanced and energized. I recommend Susannah wholeheartedly and look forward to my next opportunity to work with her.

Felicia G.

I recently worked with Susannah and received my first Bio-Energy session! Not knowing what to expect I remained open for all possible healing to occur in my body. I must say it exceeded my expectations on many levels! In a short time my whole body succumbed to a total feeling of blissful relaxation and well being! Later on that evening I felt more relaxed than I had in a long time and had a very peaceful nights rest. A few days later I had a massage and my therapist told me that my shoulders and neck were relieved of all tension that had been there for many, many months before! My chiropractor even told me that day that I was in perfect alignment! I would recommend Bio-Energy with Susannah for general health and well being along with release of old chronic ailments.

Barb M.

I did my Bio-Energy sessions with Susannah not knowing what to expect. I was open and curious to it all and her positive affirmations of energy healing. I felt a feeling of relaxation and I surrendered to it all! I went for a few reasons: for chronic pain and also a release that was unknown to me and a very amazing experience. I slept much better after my session and the healing had lasted for a while. After I have surgery, I would love to revisit all the tools I learned and re-experience the feeling of the energy release in my body and surrendering to the unknown. I would recommend Bio-Energy with Susannah for general health, spiritual healing and well being along with the release of any type of chronic ailments.

Bio-Energy Healing Training Course Testimonials

Cheryl P.

I recently took the Bio Energy introductory class offered by Susannah at her studio.  I read a little information on the Internet about this, and really had no idea what to expect.  I was not disappointed.  It was one of the most inspirational and spiritual experiences of my life.  Susannah’s vast wisdom as a teacher and energy healer, along with her fabulous personality and sense of humor, provide for an astonishing weekend of learning.  She creates a peaceful, loving environment for all her students to thrive in. I left there feeling peaceful, grateful, and enthusiastic to begin sharing this awesome gift.  Her passion for Bio-Energy shines brilliantly throughout the weekend and beyond. I highly recommend Susannah as a healer, teacher, and mentor.

Eileen M.

Bio energy is one of the most interesting and amazing techniques.  You can instantly feel the energy moving in and around you. Fantastic course!  Makes you feel alive and well!!!

Terry G.

Having taken Bio-Energy with Susannah was life changing for me. I was first introduced to Bio-Energy from a student of hers. I went for a series of 4 sessions that were unforgettable. Being a person always nervous and stressing about everything, I found myself after the sessions feeling relaxed and worrying about what?  Nothing! I couldn’t believe it. The feeling lasted from week to week. I was able to handle situations without stressing and saw the world from a different perspective. Drawn and curious to learn more, I contacted Susannah and signed up for her Bio-Energy workshop. That weekend was the beginning of a whole new direction in life for me.

Susannah taught me to see what I was doing to myself in regards to thinking so negative all the time. Throughout the two day workshop I learned tools to stop projecting the wrong thoughts and direct them in a positive direction.   So throughout the weekend when those pushy thoughts popped up I would promise to stop them and allow a little voice to say,” what if you CAN do this?”

I noticed that Susannah’s workshop wasn’t just about learning to do Bio to heal others but to start the healing with yourself. The tools she gives you to apply to your everyday life will help you be the best conduit for healing. I am thankful every morning I wake up that I didn’t surrender to fear and took the class. You know what else I realized too? The next best thing to having Bio-Energy done to you is to actually doing Bio-Energy on someone else. The feeling is amazing and knowing that you’re helping someone is the BEST!  I LOVE it!!!

Aliica O

After my wonderful experience with Susannah’s Reiki Training Workshops and a series of Bio-Energy sessions, I knew I wanted to take her Bio-Energy Training so that I could learn this powerful healing technique myself. She’s a fantastic teacher and coach, and as with the Reiki before, I left the workshop with a set of beautiful and highly effective energy healing techniques and a lovely, glowing feeling of peace and joy. But with the Bio-Energy workshop,  I also gained more clarity about how my mind and my beliefs affect my energy practice and my life in general. So simple, yet so powerful. For me, Bio-Energy is the perfect complement to Reiki, and I have found it to be one of my most effective healing tools.